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Introduction: Every year, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra eagerly participates in the renowned Carnegie Link Up program, an educational and unforgettable experience for elementary school children. This program, held at the Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction, serves as a vibrant introduction to the world of orchestral music. Through singing, dancing, and playing their recorders, students in grades 3 to 5 not only learn about the symphony but also immerse themselves in the joyous and transformative power of music. This year’s event, held on May 4th, witnessed an incredible turnout of nearly 1,500 enthusiastic students from schools in Mesa and Delta Counties. Supported by the dedicated Guild volunteers, the Carnegie Link Up has become a cherished tradition that ignites a love for music in young hearts.

  1. A Journey Through Time: Since its inception in the 2017-2018 season, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra has been an active participant in the Carnegie Link Up program, consistently providing this enriching experience for children. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the orchestra has successfully organized five Link Up events to date, fostering musical education and appreciation within the community.
  2. Thrilling Participation: This year’s Carnegie Link Up event saw an incredible participation of almost 1,800 students, showcasing a steady increase in attendance with each passing year. The enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by these young music enthusiasts reflect the lasting impact of this educational program. Through their active engagement and involvement, these students discover the magic of music firsthand, creating memories that will resonate with them for years to come.
  3. A Multitude of Schools: A total of 14 schools enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate in the Carnegie Link Up event this year. With each school bringing a vibrant group of students, the Avalon Theatre buzzed with anticipation and energy. The program’s reach extends beyond individual schools, fostering a sense of unity and collective appreciation for the symphony among the diverse student population.
  4. Support from Dedicated Volunteers: The success of the Carnegie Link Up event would not be possible without the invaluable contribution of approximately 15 Guild volunteers. These dedicated individuals serve as crossing guards and ushers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Their selfless commitment to the event reinforces the sense of community and showcases the collaborative effort required to bring the transformative power of music to the lives of young learners.
  5. Orchestral Brilliance: To create a truly immersive experience, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra assembled a magnificent ensemble of approximately 60 talented musicians, complemented by three song leaders, a charismatic host, and the fearless Maestro. Their collective passion and artistry provided the soundtrack to this unforgettable event, captivating the young audience and inspiring their musical aspirations.
  6. Xcel Energy: Empowering the Carnegie Link Up Experience: The Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra’s Carnegie Link Up event is made possible through the generous support of Xcel Energy, a company dedicated to fostering education and cultural enrichment within communities. With their commitment to empowering the youth through music, Xcel Energy has played a vital role in ensuring the continuation and success of this remarkable program. Their partnership and grant have provided the necessary resources to bring the joy of orchestral music to thousands of young hearts, expanding horizons and nurturing a lifelong love for the arts.

Conclusion: The Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra’s annual participation in the Carnegie Link Up program, supported by Xcel Energy, stands as a testament to their commitment to music education and community engagement. With each passing year, this cherished event continues to inspire and delight thousands of students, introducing them to the wonders of orchestral music. The orchestra’s collaboration with devoted Guild volunteers, the active involvement of numerous schools, and the dedicated ensemble of musicians all contribute to