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Supporting your Symphony

Tax-Deductible Donation

Contribute today and help us extend our reach into the community.

Thank you for your support!

The Grand Junction Symphony would not be the organization it is today without the generous support of our community. Your generous donation allows the Symphony to continue to provide high-quality concerts and events throughout the year.

There are many ways you can donate to the Grand Junction Symphony including:

  • Join the High Note Club
  • Sponsor a Concert
  • Advertise in our Magazine
  • Make a one-time donation, anytime


Whether you have a connection to a particular musician or want to be associated with a certain instrument, you will enjoy a sense of inclusion as your name will be printed under your sponsored musician in program books following each sponsorship.  Also, enjoy personalized notes from your sponsored musician and meet them at concert events.

Membership prices:

  • $1,000 per musician
  • $3,000 Full Section
  • $1,500 per principal musician
  • $3,000 for Concertmaster
  • $5,000 for Music Director

If you are interested in joining the High Note Club, contact the GJSO office at 970-243-6787 or email at


As a community-sponsored organization committed to Grand Junction, Colorado, and the entire Grand Valley, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra depends on the generosity of donors who make it possible for us to make meaningful experiences through music. 

We are pleased to share your generous support in every GJSO program and listed on our website, through special events only offered to sponsors, and with additional exclusive opportunities hosted by the Grand Junction Symphony including digital concert programming and meet and greets with guest artists.

Sponsorship Information


The Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra would like to invite your company to place an ad in our program book for the upcoming season. 

There are several benefits to advertising in the GJSO program book. 

Those benefits include: 

  • Your ad will live beyond the GJSO Concert, as many concert-goers keep their program book for the foreseeable future. Many attendees read through the program book like a magazine, spending a great deal of time on each page. 
  • Symphony patrons tend to have more disposable income than the average individual as most of our patrons are either 50+ or young professionals. 
  • Buying ad space means your ad will be in 8+ programs throughout the year. We print a new program book for each concert, which means that your ad will appear at every concert in the GJSO season.
Program Magazine Ads


The Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra is pleased that you are interested in supporting our organization further. The advantages that underwriting has for your company differs greatly from those of traditional advertising. Support of the Grand Junction Symphony shapes your company’s image and generates a community-wide awareness. Here are some of the direct benefits to you and your business as an underwriter:

  • Your Company is associated with the excellence for which the Grand Junction Symphony is known.
  • Your Company demonstrates community spirit and interest in the quality of life for all residents of the Grand Valley.
  • Your Company can reach targeted audiences with the lifestyles and disposable income relevant to your marketing objectives.
  • Your Company contributes to the dynamic cultural environment that attracts new residents to the community and stimulates economic growth.
  • Your Company profits long-term from the development of creativity and self-discipline in our future workforce, through the symphony’s outstanding educational programs.

The Grand Junction Symphony has many different underwriting opportunities available to you, so we encourage you to request an underwriting packet with more information. If you have any questions, would like to request an underwriting packet or would like to underwrite a specific concert, feel free to contact Kelly Anderson, Executive Director of the Grand Junction Symphony at or by calling 243-6787.