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Thank you for your support of the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra

We're thrilled to have you join us for a weekend of fun on Saturday, June 11 and/or Sunday, June 12 from 10am-2pm!

Please keep in mind that the gardens are at private residences, and therefore will not have restrooms available for public usage. Be sure to make arrangements for potty breaks at many of the wonderful cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants along the tour route.

Usage of a navigational system such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, or MapQuest is recommended. Please observe traffic laws, and plan your tour of the gardens accordingly.

Street parking is required at each residence. Please refrain from parking in the driveways of private residences to allow homeowners to enter/exit as they need.

Most gardens are handicap accessible. Please review the garden notes for each property to ascertain any that are not.

Garden #1

679 Crestone Court, Grand Junction, CO 81504

This small but mighty xeriscape landscape is watered by 2 rain barrels and features a crevice garden with many native plants to Western Colorado! Garden has been designed and maintained by the homeowner and Kenton Seth -

Garden #1 GPS
Garden #2

855 Summer Sage Ct - GJ, CO 81506

Featuring only perennials, this crevice garden exhibits the beauty that can be created in a smaller garden space. Hypertufa pots can be seen throughout, adding both decoration and utility.

Garden #2 GPS
Garden #3

586 Rio Verde Ln - GJ, CO 81507 *Live Artist on Sunday*

The xeriscape simplicity of this garden underscores the true beauty of this property--the view--while rock work echoes the shapes of cliffs and mesa. Artist Cori Ward will be painting live on Sunday, June 12th at this location. This garden is not handicap accessible. Garden by Dragonfly Gardens -

Garden #3 GPS
Garden #4

373 Hillview Dr - GJ, CO 81507

Overlooking the Redland's Mesa Golf Course, this garden is a year old in maturity. Ornamental features include a globe fire pit and a grape arbor gifted from a local field. This garden is not handicap accessible. Garden design by Kathy Kimbrough at

Garden #4 GPS
Garden #5

203 Country Club Park Rd - GJ, CO 81507

This 2/3 acre property features a decorative dry creek, berms in xeriscape styling, and "volunteer" wild flowers throughout. This garden is not handicap accessible. Garden by homeowner and Bill Richardson of Dragonfly Gardens -

Garden #5 GPS
Garden #6

215 Country Club Park Rd - GJ, CO 81507

With a traditional garden design, this property boasts honey locust and crabapple trees that have been present for 44 years. Parents: Keep children in sight due to pool on property. This garden is not handicap accessible. Garden maintained by Dragonfly Gardens -

Garden #6 GPS
Garden #7

2534 Park Mesa Ct - GJ, CO 81507

Set at the base of Little Park Road, this xeriscape garden requires no additional water aside from rainfall. Designed and installed by Kenton Seth -

Garden #7 GPS
Garden #8

2676 Lookout Ln - GJ, CO 81503 *Live Music & Bake Sale*

Stunning views of the Grand Valley provide backdrop to sculpted xeriscape garden mounds and statues at this property. Live music at this garden location performed by members of the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra. This location is also host to a Bake Sale on both days of the tour by the Grand Junction Symphony Guild. Be sure to stock up on these baked goodies while supplies last! (Cash and check only.)

Garden #8 GPS
Printable Garden Tour Guide

Print this guide to carry with you on this self-guided tour!

If you like to have a piece of paper in your hands, this will be a great reference! Keep in mind, you'll still need to enter each of the addresses on the back of this sheet into a navigation system.

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