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“The kids loved it. I had one student who went to the music store that day and his mother purchased him a violin. He is 6 years old and is now taking violin lessons. It was a very positive experience!” – Judy Redding, Life Academy

The delight in watching the eyes of a child light up is priceless—and that is exactly what happens when the Instrument Petting Zoo arrives! Children and students of all ages listen to musicians from the symphony provide a brief explanation and demonstration of instruments of the symphony: woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion. The majority of the time is spent trying out the instruments. The hands-on experience is exciting and gratifying—and is reflected in their reactions when they get sounds out of a trombone, clarinet, violin and more!

Interested in bringing the Instrument Petting Zoo to your school or group? Call the Symphony Office at 243-6787 or contact Executive Director Kelly Anderson via email at

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