There’s something about live music that is equal parts magical and exciting as well as unpredictable and exhilarating. The Symphony provides that experience in every show for their audience. As an audience member, you are more than a spectator, you are part of the event giving purpose to the performers on stage. The energy and the applause from your presence is what performers are striving to maintain through any show. Musicians are masters at conveying emotion through the notes of the music, where you will watch their dedication flourish.

Need more reasons to attend a symphony concert? Below we’ve listed 8 reasons why you should never miss a symphony concert!

Symphony in Bloom Concert performed in the Spring of 2021

  1. Watch Live Music

Nothing can replace watching a dynamic, vibrant performance of live music and classical music is no different. Classical music is filled with powerful contrasts that are only apparent if you are able to be there in person. The visible focus reflected on the musicians faces and the movements of the maestro guide not only the symphony but the audience through a musical experience. There is athleticism in musicianship, and it is worth watching a concert to witness this for yourself. The atmosphere of a concert is created by the audience. The excitement, tension, or sorrow can be enhanced by audience reaction. Music has the capacity to move us, and by attending a concert we may let down some barriers that we didn’t know existed.


  1. Experience Something New

If you are new to the scene, a symphony concert is a great introduction to classical music. It is an opportunity to visualize the workings of an orchestra and participate by adding your aura to the mix. The Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra (GJSO) also plays contemporary classical music, so when you attend a symphony concert, you may be one of the first people to hear a future classic. In 2011, the symphony performed a world premiere of Eric Ewazen’s “Monument to Color and Light,” a commissioned work to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Colorado National Monument, and since then, the symphony has programmed at least one piece per season that has been composed within the last 20 years.

The symphony doesn’t always stick to traditional classical music. During a regular season, the symphony also features two “Pops” concerts. In the past, GJSO has welcomed the Texas Tenors, a concert dedicated to the music of John Williams, and tribute bands. They have staged operas including Mozart’s The Magic Flute and Gaetano Donizetti’s Elixir of Love and performed the Nutcracker alongside professional ballet soloists with local dance studios. This year they are excited to welcome The Vienna Boys Choir. Attending a symphony concert gives you the opportunity to hear a musical variety outside your comfort zone with performers from around the world.


  1. Learn About History

Music is an important part of history. Classical music has not received the attention and excitement that it once claimed, but no one can deny its impact on contemporary music and culture. Symphonic music seems to have side stepped into movies, but its traditional roots are strong. If you read the program notes before the concert, you will be surprised by how the small personal details impact your ability to listen to and understand the music. The composers behind each piece often lived tempestuous lives, and the circumstances of their compositions may have been difficult. The insight into the time periods in which they lived builds connection to the music and provides a fresh perspective on history.


  1. Improve Your Health

Music alone seems to be able to replicate our emotions in an empathetic way. There is a piece of music for every feeling. We are familiar with the studies that have proven the benefits of listening to classical music. The idea of making children and babies smarter by listening to Mozart became an entire industry for marketing baby toys. But classical music isn’t just for babies; in a 2009 study, Bradt and Dileo found that music reduced heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety in heart disease patients. Music not only has a powerful emotional effect; it can actually impact how our body reacts physically. Attending a concert can fill you with all the feels you need to get a little more peace in your life, and that is scientifically backed!

Maestro Charles Latshaw conducting the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra

  1. Witness Musical Talent and Dedication

The Grand Junction Symphony is filled with musicians across the Grand Valley who support local communities as teachers, professors, and performers. Many of the musicians donate their time to perform with local groups, in churches, and at fundraising events. The pride and dedication that our musicians have for symphonic music, is unsurmountable.

Music Director Charles Latshaw has held conducting positions across the United States and taught band, choir, general music, and musical theater to students of all ages. He demonstrates his commitment to local audiences by programming music that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t forget the board members and staff who run the symphony behind the scenes. They are a passionate group of people who are dedicated to the arts and music in the Grand Valley.


  1. Support a Growing Community

Grand Junction provides an expanding number of artistic opportunities and it is part of the mission of the Grand Junction Symphony to enrich and engage the community through symphonic music – which often includes educational programs. The symphony’s outreach programs include Link Up: The Orchestra Rocks, the Instrument Petting Zoo, Crystal Baton, Concerts in the Classroom, and the Young Artist Competition, all of which offer a wide variety of educational opportunities for all ages. Judy Redding, a teacher from Life Academy, commented on the Instrument Petting Zoo: “The kids loved it. I had one student who went to the music store that day, and his mother purchased him a violin. He is 6-years-old and is now taking violin lessons. It was a very positive experience.” By attending symphony concerts, you are taking part in a larger effort to build a love and appreciation of music in our community.


  1. Feel Classy

When most people think of attending a symphony concert, they imagine audiences filled with fancy dress, and while this is not always the case today, the symphony is still a place to feel classy. Plenty of people still take this opportunity to dress-up and enjoy a special evening out with a friend or partner. Classy and classical share a common root word. While “class” refers to a high class of people, “classical” is often used to indicate something historic and timeless. A great way to feel classy is to attend something classical.

Concert at Las Colonias Amphitheater

  1. Enjoy Refreshments

Don’t forget the refreshments. Participating in a concert may not feel very social, but intermission provides an opportunity to mingle with your fellow symphony goers. The Avalon offers local wines and beer, candy, and some light eats before the concert and during intermission.

Outside on the grassy Los Colonias Amphitheater you can eat a snack from the concession stand or pick-up dinner from a local food truck or vendor. Grab a snack and a glass of wine, and join us outside at Los Colonias Amphitheater or inside at the Avalon theater to enjoy the music.


Have you been to a Symphony Concert? What are the main reasons you enjoy the Symphony?