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Mesa View Elementary 4th Grader, Hannah Morgan, wins composing competition with her melody Dreamer

The Grand Junction Symphony’s Crystal Baton Composition Competition is back and Mesa View Elementary 4th Grader, Hannah Morgan, is this year’s winner.

Born in Dubai and most recently lived in Turkmenistan, musician and figure skater Hannah Morgan has been taking piano lessons since 1st Grade with Mesa View Elementary music teacher and GJSO musician, Jami Lewis. In her free time she likes to read, write, draw, ice skate, hike, run, and spend time with my two kittens.

According to Hannah’s bio, from her parents Dan & Stef Morgan, her inspiration for Dreamer was the largo movement from Dvorak’s 9th Symphony, often called the New World Symphony. If you are able to hear her piece, you might notice that the climax in Dreamer is at the end, just like in largo.

Hannah says, “Many times I’ve wished that things were easier in life, and I often thought about ice skating when I composed “Dreamer”. It is describing how I wished ice skating would be easier ~ how I would almost master a skill, but then it would end up as a dream.”

“It is amazing to see that Hannah’s piece is going to be arranged into a full orchestration!  We are so proud of her at Mesa View and can’t wait to listen to the final product”, said Hannah’s music teacher and piano teacher Jami Lewis, “Hannah has been taking lessons from me for a couple of years now and often comes to lessons with a piece she has composed during the week. I can’t wait to see where her composing and creativity will take her!”

“Hannah’s piece was an instant favorite for our judges. It’s a lovely melody, and the chords she suggested with it are absolutely magical.”, said Music Director Charles Latshaw.

The Crystal Baton Composition Competition is an educational program of the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and is funded in-part by the Grand Junction Symphony Guild. Students in grades K-8 compose a melody line between 16-64 measures in length without any assistance and the winning melody is arranged, orchestrated, and performed by the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra. Over 30 melodies were submitted this year, making it one of the largest competitions to date.

Hannah will join Music Director Charles Latshaw and the GJSO on stage to hear her melody and be presented with a handmade crystal baton and a bound copy of the conductor’s score. Her piece will be performed at the final Grand Junction Symphony concerts of the 2017-18 Season, Shostakovich No. 5. Saturday, April 14th at 7:30pm and Sunday, April 15th at 3:00pm at the Avalon Theatre.

Hannah Morgan

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