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1 in 100 chance of winning $4,000 cash with the 100 for 100 Raffle

On Saturday, November 8th, a raffle drawing will be held at the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra’s (GJSO) 12th Annual Gala – Sound of Music, where one person will walk away with $4,000 in cash. In a first of its kind for the GJSO, a split the pot raffle is currently being held with only 100 tickets being sold for $100 each. One ticket will be drawn the night of the Gala worth $4,000 with up to $6,000 going to the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra’s mission to engage and enrich their community through symphonic music.

Recently a group of about 40 ladies collected 20’s, 10’s, 5’s and 1’s in order to purchase a single ticket in the raffle with the express intent of giving back the $4,000 to the GJSO if they were chosen as the winner. The beauty of this raffle is that winner does not need to be present at the Gala in order to win so get together four friends at $25 a piece, contact a long lost rich uncle, combine all that birthday card money from your grandmother, or avoid the office football pool for a few weeks and help support live music in the Grand Valley.

Tickets for the 100 for 100 Raffle are on sale now. They can be purchased online by clicking here, by calling 243-6787, or stopping by the Grand Junction Symphony office at 414 Main Street.

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